Welcome to Mom Nation!

Just to clarify, we will NOT be giving you any parenting advise and the such here, we aim to build a community of like-minded Moms together to discuss/vent about their daily challenges, and our dreams of undisturbed bathroom time. If this describes you please join our private Facebook Group MOM NATION TRIBE.

Ladies, we know you are super busy waking up and feeding the kiddos, maaking sure they brush their teeth and get dressed, you get them to school then go grocery shopping, take the dog for a walk, pay the bills, clean the floors and dishes from the other night, have a cup of coffee for lunch, pick up the kiddos, make sure they do their homework, cook dinner, feed the family, and yell at the kiddos to go to bed and then lastly pass out yourself then REPEAT in the morning.

We feel ya girl! We too are moms and decided in order to have a true ME TIME experience we needed to create our own, and we don’t mean going shopping without the kids or have 15 minutes of undisturbed time in the bathroom, seriously those don’t count. Mom Nation was born to provide getaway retreats for like-minded moms that are feeling stressed and could really use a break.

MOMSTER – What happens to Mom after she counts to 3…

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